Our mission is to develop digital solutions for the electronic components supply chain

Our vision

Sourcengine was launched in the spring of 2018 by Sourceability and a hand-picked team made up of experienced individuals from the electronics, supply chain, digital technology industries.

The platform fills the digital gap left by traditional suppliers to cross borders, eliminate regional barriers, and increase industry efficiency.

Meet Our Team

Jens Gamperl

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Bruno

Chief Operating Officer

Yashar Shahabi

Corporate VP

Josh Pucci

VP Americas & Asia

Brian Schmiedel

Global EMS Director

Joakim Stafwerfeldt

VP Europe

Dev Rai

VP Global Purchasing

David Ong

Director of Supplier Development

Powered by Sourceability

Behind the scenes, Sourcengine is backed by the infrastructure and global network of Sourceability for fulfillment, support staff, and account management.

This includes all financial accounting, such as invoicing and payments. Sourceability’s backing allows Sourcengine both the flexibility of a light, innovative start-up and the resources of an established company.

Sourcengine is also influenced by and shares Sourceability’s twin values of innovation and integrity.