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Sourcengine gives users access to powerful tools and global connections while eliminating industry barriers. The result? Everyone benefits.

Sourcing Professionals Distributors & Manufacturers Engineers & Designers Academics & Researchers

Sourcing Professionals

Are you an operational, strategic or NPI buyer? Are you under pressure to save costs on your BOMs and boost your company's bottom line? Sourcengine gives you:

  • Access to global pricing & availability
  • Full ERP integration
  • Visual offer comparison for easy total-cost optimization
  • The industry's first real-time excess estimator
  • Intuitive BOM handling tools

Distributors & Component Manufacturers

Are you trying to break into international markets but stymied by geographic barriers? Our Sourcengine Marketplace makes increasing sales a snap with:

  • Access to new markets through a global network of buyers
  • Eliminated language barriers
  • Local warehouses (no international customs)
  • Reduced shipping costs

Engineers & Designers

Are you prototyping a new project and stalled choosing parts? Sourcengine gets you back to designing by allowing you to:

  • Order in quantities large or small to fit your project
  • Specify your preferred packaging
  • Compare similar components in seconds
  • Freely access millions of datasheets
  • Instantly identify and replace obsolete BOM components

Academics & Researchers

Are you tired of halting your research to locate obscure datasheets? Do you want to meet others in your field but have tapped out your local networking options? Sourcengine offers:

  • Free access to our vast database of product specs
  • Easy purchase of components for research projects
  • A multi-dimensional, global community of researchers, academics, and students
  • Networking within both academia and the commercial industry
  • Analysis of the latest trends and research